Hahako is an organization of volunteers. Our activities include the following:

● Facilitating accommodation for disaster victims in need of a place to stay, including those in areas where evacuation is not officially mandated.

Hahako has been supporting disaster victims by connecting displaced families with supporters able to provide them with a safe place to stay since March 16th.


● Providing an online community for parents.“ Where can I learn more about evacuation options?” ”My family and friends don’t understand my concerns,” “Am I worrying too much?” -- these are common dilemmas Hahako provides a BBS forum called Hahako Café that enables parents to connect with other parents who share their questions and concerns.


● Public Relations

Information about Hahako and a directory of our listings is available in hard copy for to the people without Internet access. For those with Internet access, we disseminate information from Hahako staff, supporters, and evacuees through news media, Twitter, Facebook, our

e-mail newsletter, etc.


● Building a broad network of support

Hahako collaborates with various other groups supporting disaster victims. Sometimes families who formerly participated in the program as evacuees later participate in the network as supporters, helping new families to evacuate. Our network is evolving and developing in a variety of ways both domestically and overseas.