About us

“hahako” was founded right after The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

We have been actively supporting the people who are affected by disasters including Kumamoto Earthquake.


Due to the event of Noto Peninsula Earthquake, Hahako started providing the information including evacuation and relocation support.

Currently, the recovery process is unknown and the time of the shelter stays can be varied based on the areas. There may be the urgent needs of alternate temporary housing to some people, especially the families with small children, elderly, and the ones with special needs. 

“hahako”is organizing the offers from individuals and companies to provide the spaces for evacuees to stay from short to longer periods. 

And we are planning to print out these information and distribute them at disaster area.


We appreciate if you can spread about us on social media. 

If you know someone in the affected area or know someone whose loved one is affected, please let them know about us.


Thank you.




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