About "Hahako"

Hahako is a community-based, civilian group that offers pregnant women, parents, and children a safe evacuation from the disaster area.
We are looking for people or groups who want to offer the victims a safe place to stay temporarily or long term--a free room or room rental, either public or private.

Hahako was founded on March 16 th , 2011 by Yuko Kida and five other founding members.



A mother of two children in western Japan, Yuko Kida recruited a handful of friends to help provide accommodations and support for families outside of the 30 km evacuation zone surrounding Fukushima Daiichi and other disaster victims not receiving adequate government support.  


Hahako staff

Hahako is driven by the work of volunteers also juggling jobs and families.  Kayoko Ikeda, German translator and author of The World Were A Village Of 100 People , spreads Hahako’s message to the world through Twitter and other media.


  We understand that there are concerns and uncertainties for both parties involved in providing and accepting accommodations. For this reason, Hahako post personalized messages from prospective host families, rather than using a standardized registration form.  Hahako does not post offers to host only children.   The arrangements are fundamentally the responsibility of the candidates and supporters, and Hahako cannot intercede if difficulties arise.  However, Hahako can offer mediation during the early stages when necessary.



Who we are:


Yuko Kida, Mie (School Teacher)


Motomi Murota, Tokyo (Writer)

Design and Printing

Hikari Soma, Tokyo (Musician)



Kayoko Ikeda, Tokyo (Translator)

Miyoshi Ito, Tokyo

Ayako Ichinose, Saga  (Farmer)

Kayoko Kanahashi, Tokyo (Mother of two)

Chiguri Herb, Saitama (Singer)

Kasumi Hikita, Tokyo  

Katsuzo Murakami, Kanagawa (Professor)

Kumiko Bunno, Tokyo (Cram School Lecturer)

Takako Yunohara, Aichi (Interpreter)