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Important Tips for Registration

Hahako is looking for people or groups who want to offer disaster victims a safe place to stay temporarily or long term--a free room or room rental, either public or private.

Hahako will post your offering informat ion as submitted, so if you don’t want to your personal information posted online, let us know when registering.

Please understand we will connect Japanese candidates with host families and supporters, but the arrangements are fundamentally the responsibility of the candidates and supporters.
Hahako cannot intercede if difficulties arise.  Please take this into account and communicate carefully with the other party when finalizing your arrangements.

- Please be sure to clarify how many people you can host and the time period they are welcome to stay.
- Clarifying these terms before the initial point of contact is important. Once you are in contact with the applicant, your sympathy for their situation may make it difficult to say no or set limits in line with your own needs.
- We advise initially setting up a short-term stay--you can always discuss extending the applicants' stay during that period. This will help to avert the awkwardness of an extended stay in which you feel uncomfortable asking the applicants to leave.
- If you are contacted by multiple families and only have room to host one, please ask them to contact Hahako. It can be difficult to say no to people, but it is important to set limits.

[Establishing agreements regarding costs]

Establish whether you will cover all of the expenses of hosting or whether you will ask the family to contribute to food and utilities. For example, you might cover the costs if hosting a family from the disaster area, but you might ask for some financial assistance from a family coming from the Tokyo area. Another option might be to cover costs for a stay of less than a month, but to ask for some financial assistance for longer stays. Please discus these conditions as a family before entering the program.

[Your family]

Do all the members of your family support the decision to participate in the program? If any members of your household have reservations, please discus the matter carefully before deciding to participate.
Making the decision to host a family without first addressing such misgivings can lead to difficulties down the road.

Feel free to contact Hahako if you have any questions.
When an agreement has been reached, please let us know so that we can removed your posting.


Please provide the following information in your message.

1) A brief introduction of the members of your household, including pets.
2) How long you could host.

3) How many people you could host.

4) What accommodations you could provide.
5) Proposed arrangement for handling costs.
6) A little bit about your neighborhood.



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